The 12 Week Year gets the most important things in your life done faster. Both personal and business results are better with the 12 Week Year.

With the Achieve online software, Lois can help you keep track.  She is a certified trainer that supports this system with her 1-1 and group clients, as well as online.

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The 12 Week Year keeps you in touch with your progress and delivers immediate course corrections that get you on track every day...

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Set goals

Set tactics

Set measurements

Track execution

Stay accountable

The  Achieve software is the easiest, fastest, least confusing way to set up a complete, fully functioning 12 Week Year system in a matter of hours, NOT days or weeks.

Armed with this vetted, easy to implement 12 Week Year system, you’ll quickly find yourself getting more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.


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