Heal Your Relationship With Money
5-Day Challenge

Have you ever wished you had more money?

Or did you grow up hearing your parents struggling with it when you were a kid?

Or maybe even tired of how society seems to make much of our self-worth attached to money or credit score?

Or do you make money, only to "lose" it?

Or maybe, as a coach or healer or spiritual leader, say to yourself,
"I can't be spiritual AND be making money!"

I can say yes to ALL of the above.

It can also impact your sales career if you are afraid of asking for money.

Most people in sales DON'T follow up because they don't believe in their worth and ASK for the sale with ease.

Would you like to heal that relationship with money AND live a healthier/happier life as a result?

When you join, you will get...

  • 5 days of recorded classes you can save and repeat as needed
  • Online workbook to guide you and keep for future reference
  • Massive $$ shifts

It's time for abundance!


What Others Are Saying

"The 5 Day Money Challenge was AMAZING! It was exactly what I was looking for in regards to healing my relationship with money. In my mind, I would panic when I see my money go below a certain amount in my bank account. When I spent money, I would feel guilty and not enjoy it. I would always feel like money was never enough no matter how much I made and saved. 

However, I felt lighter and joy in my chest after going through the Father Mother Wound session. It felt like a burden had been lifted from me. I could feel my future self being closer. I could now truly create from my inner child. Everything that I had in my mind about money was from feeling like there were high expectations from my parents and family but it never seemed to be enough. Now that burden is gone and I can be happy with what I want. The choice is mine. I'm the creator of my life."

- Tiffany Hsia

About Lois Koffi
The Non-Pushy Lead Gen Queen

Best Selling Author/Speaker/12 Week Year Trainer/
Magnetic Mind Sales Coach

Lois Koffi is a professional speaker/ trainer/ coach/ Ironman Triathlete that has coached thousands of people in business and healthy lifestyles since the year 2000.

Creating more in less time, over the last 22 years, so they can experience the abundant playground that this world provides. She is a mom of 3 and is happily married. She herself leads by example, only working 9 months out of the year and taking 3 months, off utilizing the tools she shares with her clients.

You can find her Top 20 Podcast, Healthy N Wealthy N Wise at www.healthynwealthynwise.com.

She loves to travel the globe with her family and has become a highly sought after expert in recruiting/selling and developing sales leaders for many companies.

Coach Lois is also a proud member of the International Lois Club, in which she loves to travel to visit Lois's all around the world. And, yes, she is married to Superman!