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This subscription offers 4+ classes/month to guide you in:

  • Choosing health and vitality
  • Choosing your true nature and purpose
  • Choosing to live the life you love
  • Choosing a life of abundance
  • Choosing to be the predominant creator in your life
  • Trusting your intuition/higher Self
  • Manifesting your BEST results possible with ease and flow
  • Helping you create your daily meditation practice for your mind/body/spirit alignment
  • Finding a like minded group of people - because you are NOT alone

What Others Are Saying

"Magical is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the transformation that has occurred in me in one short month. My life before reaching out to Lois Koffi for Spiritual Coaching looked like a muted gray sky. When I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the woman looking back at me, she wasn’t smiling, and lacked energy and vitality. This is what catalyzed me to seize the moment and recognize that the door was opening for me and that Lois’ Spiritual Coaching was going to profoundly change life as I related to it.

Now four weeks later, I am connected to my superconscious, recognizing quickly when a trigger relates to an ancestral, in utero, or current life wound. For the first time in over five decades of life, I am in an authentic loving relationship where I vulnerable allowing me to experience a deep connection with myself and my partner. I had a remarkable awareness after week two that I created scenarios to validate that if I am vulnerable and open myself to love that I will be rejected. Now, I know at a soul level that is not true. I have a glimmer in my, a bounce in my step, have shed more than five pounds, am creating work I love and every day am deepening the connection to my inner wisdom." - Meg S., Reno

"The 5 Day Money Challenge was AMAZING! It was exactly what I was looking for in regards to healing my relationship with money. In my mind, I would panic when I see my money go below a certain amount in my bank account. When I spent money, I would feel guilty and not enjoy it. I would always feel like money was never enough no matter how much I made and saved. 

However, I felt lighter and joy in my chest after going through the Father Mother Wound session. It felt like a burden had been lifted from me. I could feel my future self being closer. I could now truly create from my inner child. Everything that I had in my mind about money was from feeling like there were high expectations from my parents and family but it never seemed to be enough. Now that burden is gone and I can be happy with what I want. The choice is mine. I'm the creator of my life." - Tiffany Hsia

"Writing this testimonial gives me so much pleasure and joy beyond words. I met Lois through another miracle worker named Amy Thiesen, a life-changing Chinese Metaphysics consultant who introduced Lois to me around 3 years ago now I believe. The waves of change since then have been many but I can honestly say Lois Koffi has given me a gift of rebirth to my life personally. In all honesty, I've experienced layers of trauma, bad decisions and played the victim that I wanted real change for once. I was done with all the bull that I decided to take action and gather a team of wise healers and teachers that could show me the way to freedom. Little did I know that the powerful skills of Lois were going to turn my life around when I decided to pursue knowing more about her.

While my case isn't like most people's experiences, I've reaped the benefits of a small team of coaches including Homeopathic medicine, the metaphysics coach, etc... BUT NO ONE LIKE LOIS has been so instrumental in tipping the scales to the beginning of my new life's journey. I've done two of her Superconscious Mind sessions and both were truly helpful when I APPLIED MYSELF to make the change by taking action! Meditation is a big part of me experiencing the changes as well as allowing me to map out the parts that drive my life where I want to go. What I experienced when she did some guided methods of helping me release old habits and thought patterns was the real deal of feeling the healing. For those of you who don't believe in anything spiritual, just know that some things are true whether you believe in them or not because I've never felt such a force of help come through from my deceased grandfather when we worked on healing the generational patterns of my family. I had a pattern of not speaking up when I felt like my boundaries were being crossed. During this session, I felt a lump in my throat pass through energetically and something released because my voice suddenly changed, and I felt a level of confidence come in like I've never felt before!!!! It was AMAZINGLY POWERFUL AND THE EPITOME OF THE WORD, TRANSFORMATIONAL!!! I felt so many things changing for the better in my physical body that are hard to explain, just know that I feel like I'm fully present in my life now, I'm more confident and can speak louder and clearer than I've ever done before. And many of my family, friends and other teachers are taking notice. 

The key to change is taking action, followed by gratitude for all that you have in your life right now. It doesn't have to be anything big, because that's what you can build on, you gather the momentum of the good feelings and continue building on that to sustain more and more positive things that will unfold in your lives. It's all about the vibration you carry at all times. Lois Koffi delivers when you decide to take action, and that's the magic of her abilities and beauty of Lois. She REALLY loves her clients and more than that, she loves when you see the value of yourself, so you can share your own gifts to offer the world. Lois, this is your true calling in life, please don't do anything else but what you love because you are gifted beyond measure. I could go on and on about the gift of healing I've experienced with your laser skilled methods, but I have to stop writing at some point. Thank you for giving me my life back. There are almost no words I could say that could ever explain how much you've changed my life. I'm eternally grateful my friend!!!!" - Vanessa L, Medium, Washington, USA