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Discover how to build your email subscriber list by 100-1000+ people in 72 hours

Clarify your vision and purpose with building an online presence and business in new normal

Learn how to generate limitless leads while they sleep without breaking the bank

Learn how to build value with prospects you meet online and increase conversions to sales in the next 4-8 weeks

Learn tools and tips once that can pay them for the rest of their life

How you can stop throwing money away or leaving money on the table with not having a good CRM

What others are saying about the course...

I've really enjoyed your lead gen course Lois. You have amazing insights into the psychology of sales & creating leads. So many times, we let our insecurities keep us from getting ahead in our business because of blocks that we have & most are subconscious. Understanding how that works & how to overcome that is powerful. When you're able to figure out what stands in your way & how to deal with it, the sky's the limit and you can get ahead in your business.

–Tammy B.

Lois Koffi opened my eyes to email marketing. I had a huge mind block for this activity, but she made me realize I was trying to do the same thing in a more complex manner!

I finally realized that this is a great way to keep a soft touch with a multitude of connections. Especially since most sales happen only in the 5th to 12th contact. And believe me... it does!

–Deepak V.

I just took Lois' course on monetizing your email list. It was a great resource for developing a system to build a great mailing list with a set of simple, repeatable strategies over time. The content about goal setting and creating a mindset was a wonderful unexpected bonus.

Mindset precedes all, so the combination of mindset and technique was doubly powerful.

-Michael Whitehouse

I am hooked!! Coach Lois has given so much value for so little investment! I already took away two massive aha's that I am applying now, which will make me hundreds of dollars with my brand.


Your training is clear, precise, & effective in teaching the basics of list building. Most significant was in explaining what to do with the email list once developed. As a storyteller, my market is somewhat limited, but I will be building it, thanks to your information.

-Jim L.

Why do I need to build my email list?

I always have had a list... but I never had email campaigns. Thanks to this year's Pandemic shutdown, I opened my mind. With my new email campaign, I made $35K over a two day period!!

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