Koffi Sales Formula Inner Circle Membership

Life & Sales Coaching To Live Your BEST Life!

See below for our KSF Inner Circle membership options - where people come for the coaching AND stay for the community.

With all the KSF Inner Circle membership options, you will learn...

  • My 4 Step Proven Framework - aka Koffi Sales Formula - to increase sales results in less time (working smart!)
  • MONTHLY speed networking event(s) - Learn how to network and convert more networking events into leads and sales with global referral partners
  • How to master your Magnetic Mind with my tools to stay focused, stay positive and be on top of your A-Game no matter what life throws at you
  • How to use social media and social networking/referrals
    to build your business/audience/online presence/attraction marketing with her Lead Gen & Sales Mastery course access
  • How to build an email list with access to her List Build Course
  • Become a master of your schedule – set boundaries and create work/life balance online with the support of the 12 Week Year (Coach Lois is one of only 200 certified trainers in the world on this subject)
  • Meditation & Life Coaching & Stress management tools to heal your mind so you can SHOW UP and play a BIG game being and becoming your BEST Self!



Coach Lois is pulling out all the stops and wants YOU to succeed BIG in 2022, rebounding your business and selling more than ever before virtually.

Who said hiring a coach needs to break the bank?

Here you receive Coach Lois AND community!

KSF Inner Circle Monthly Membership

Pair up with new friends from across the globe in Coach Lois' online global coaching program in a private Facebook group

Receive 3 hours of "live" coaching and Q & A in this group every month with limitless online tools you can use to master the Sales Champion Mindset, manage your time like never before, and master the virtual selling sales process.

AND new global online referral networking monthly group


  • Hundreds of modules of training on the 4 step proven systems from the Koffi Sales Formula inside Coach Lois' Membervault academy (valued at thousands of $$$)
  • 3 LIVE webinar style group classes with sales mindset & lead generation accountability on zoom to master/refine/tweak your permission-based lead gen (1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of the month)
  • Monthly referral networking group where you will receive limitless leads/referrals and global connections from Coach Lois' Inner Circle
  • FREE Access to the List Build Course
  • FREE Access to the 5 Day LIVE Challenge version 2.0 content (and all future versions)
  • ON DEMAND videos created and added into the membervault academy by Coach Lois based on your FAQ's every month - ask and ye shall receive!
  • Monthly tips/updates in her private members only podcast from Lois on what is working & not working for her in her quest to six figures/month
  • Special access to Coach Lois inside her Facebook group that only paid clients of this membership can receive!
  • Meet people inside the Facebook community from across the globe
  • Go month to month - again cancel at any time you don't see value
  • 33% off any future 1-1 coaching sessions while you are an active paying subscriber of this program

Cancel at any time - month to month.

$197 / month

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KSF Annual Membership

You can sign up and pay a one-time payment and will be in the Monthly Membership Community for ONE YEAR!

This is a fraction of the cost of my $500/hour coaching rate for 1-1 coaching.

You will receive EVERYTHING the Monthly Membership offers, FOR ONE YEAR!

PLUS you get...

FREE One Hour of coaching INCLUDED with 50% off any further 1-1 coaching fees!

An additional business partner or spouse/household member for FREE (OR consider it 2 for the price of 1).

$1777 / year
(Save $587 by paying annually)



"Lois, your coaching has added value to our sales career, definitely have noticed that our FOCUS and time management is more effective and the daily compass and guide is very powerful!"

- Tamara McDonald & Michael Jenkins, Business Owners, Identity Theft Protection (San Diego, CA)

"Lois Koffi is the best coach I've ever worked with. On the outside, you would think she's a Sales Coach, but she's so much more. She includes training that allows her community to improve not only business but mind, body, and spirit. We have meditation classes. We have magnetic mind classes. We have breath classes. We have homework. We have handouts. We have several live meetings each week. And Lois is real, transparent, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to build a stunning business. I know Lois is the coach who will take me to the next level which no one else has ever done. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work to grow their business honestly and joyfully."

-Andrea Susan Glass, Book Coach

"Lois is such a joy to work with in her online program. Not only is she extremely authentic and easy to connect with, but she also does everything with incredible intention - you cannot help but want to learn from her. Every time I connect with Lois I learn something new."

 -Kelsey Joy Buell, Motivational Speaker & Talent Consultant (Fargo, ND)

"The reason I decided to join Lois’ online coaching group was simply because I've known her to be an awesome person who happens to know a thing or two about sales, and the price was very reasonable. Now, I stay because I see she knows a TON about sales, and I get a TON of value every week on Monday to get the week off to a great start! I highly recommend joining Lois' coaching group."

-Chris Kocina, LivFree Bookkeeping, LLC (Hudson, Wisconsin)