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As a coach of 20+ years, Magdalena Grace (formerly known as Lois) offers some of the best coaching offerings in the plant medicine industry.

Now, you can offer those products too! 

Become an affiliate and simply refer people to us. 

You can earn a commission from people who use your personal affiliate link and take advantage of Magdalena's coaching programs. 

It couldn't be easier! The program is 100% free and we will provide you with the personal tracking link. 

You will earn up to 20% on her offerings for 1-1 clients AND monthly residual income on her new microdosing subscription community!

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Once you complete the application below, look for an email with important next steps for profiting from sharing Magdalena's products and services.

Reminder of What's In It For You!

  • Magdalena's Referral Partner Program will provide two trainings during the promotional period of Oct 15th-Nov 15th on Zoom for FREE that is essentially free sales training/affiliate training that you can use in your own business (a priceless value that will give you increase this year).
  • You’ll also have access to special ceremony/program pricing (mostly 20% discounts on all programs).
  • You get paid for successfully closed referrals = you earn a commission on every sale (10-20%) on 1-1 client conversion and up to 50% residual income on the subscription (this is based on monthly number of successfully converted paying referrals).
  • You can get paid for referring other affiliates (this is encouraged) since we have a two tier system (this is NOT an MLM).
  • My goal is to gamify this to make it FUN and to pay out six figures in the next two years to my affiliates.

In addition, you will receive...

  • Ongoing support, marketing materials (email/social media copy and images), including exclusive logos and banners you can place on your website and social media platforms.
  • No sales quotas or renewal costs.

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You are about to make the choice to join our community of amazing referral partners and get started!

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