Lois Koffi

"A leader of one is a leader of many"

My passion is living life to the fullest, putting health, wellness, and family first - inspiring you to live your BEST life!


How To Escape The Hustle, Attract Dream Clients & Swell Your Business With Red Hot Leads Every Week

How To Live Your True Nature And Purpose -
Being Seen/Heard & Paid Your Worth

4 Steps To Lead Generation Mastery With Lois

Magnetic Mind - How To Manifest & Monetize Your Passion

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Transformational Sales Coach/Best Selling Author/Top 20 Podcaster

Lois Koffi is a professional speaker & transformational sales coach that has coached thousands of people in business and healthy lifestyles since the year 2000.

As a former Ironman Triathlete, Lois' super power is creating more in less time in a balanced way.

With now over 23 years experience in sales and coaching (as well as success AND failures), her passion is to help YOU create your BEST life - best health, best wealth and best Wisdom along the sales path.  

She helps co-create that with you, walking alongside you, in magnetizing what it is you TRULY want to manifest for your highest good.

She is a mom of 3 and is happily married.

She is over 200 and 25000 downloads into her podcast she launched in 2020. You can find her Top 20 Podcast, Healthy N Wealthy N Wise at www.healthynwealthynwise.com

And best selling author of The Fearless Entrepreneurs

She loves to travel the globe with her family and has become a highly sought-after expert in mind/body/spirit transformation with her clients so they can be see, be heard AND paid what they are worth.

She wants you to sell fearlessly and with excellence

She especially loves working with coaches, healers, podcasters and speakers who have a mission and a message - and just simply wanna get that word out more and more, creating massive impact in the world through building an email list, mastering lead generation and sales processes in a a fun, authentic and organic way that fits YOU!

She pivoted, like many in 2020, without having an email list or podcast or tribe online - having focused on face-to-face sales for over 20 years.  

She is the ONLY coach out there that has both the 12 Week Year Certification and Magnetic Mind Certification - these are her super powers to help you transform your sales career. She will help you transmute your fears into your super powers as well and magnetize your best clients, income, health and more!

She went from 0 sales online to 5 figures a month in less than 6 months with permission-based lead generation online and now coaches, affiliate marketers, and speakers hire her to do the same - pivoting in 6 months to live their best life. She was able to reach multiple five figures a month in 9 months of starting at ground zero online with her 4 step proven system she shares,
The Koffi Sales Formula.

Coach Lois is also a proud member of the International Lois Club, in which she loves to travel to visit Loises all around the world. And, yes, she is married to Superman!


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"The reason I decided to join Lois’ online coaching group was simply because I’ve known her to be an awesome person who happens to know a thing or two about sales, and the price was very reasonable. Now, I stay because I see she knows a TON about sales, and I get a TON of value every week on Monday to get the week off to a great start! I highly recommend joining Lois’ coaching group."

Chris Kocina
LivFree Bookkeeping, LLC (Hudson, Wisconsin)

"Lois, your coaching has added value to our sales career, definitely have noticed that our FOCUS and time management is more effective and the daily compass and guide is very powerful!"

Tamara McDonald & Michael Jenkins
Business Owners, Identity Theft Protection (San Diego, CA)

"Lois Koffi has been a friend, confidant, and mentor for 5 + years. From the onset of my business career, she has provided guidance based on her experience in role mentoring and emotional support. She has helped with complex contact development and to identify and work with all available resources. She is a master in organizational skills and time management. I recommend Lois Koffi for her ease of workability, friendly, and optimistic nature."

Ana Miletich
Vice President, Black Mountain Traders, PPE supplier


A 12 Week Year Certified Trainer which couples well with her juggling motherhood, coaching, podcasting, and enjoying her family in working SMART versus hard.

She is a mom of 3 and is happily married. She herself leads by example as a 12 Week year expert, only working 9 months out of the year and taking 3 months off, utilizing the tools she shares with her clients.

When she can, she loves to travel the globe with her family and has become a highly sought-after expert in recruiting, selling, and developing sales leaders for many companies.